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Small Business Loans to Fund Your Goals and Objectives

The Small Business Association (SBA) Loan Program at Global Commercial Business Finance is an attractive financing choice. Because preferred SBA lenders recognize us as a preferred financial service company, we can process loans quickly and efficiently. The distinguished classification means that the SBA has authorized the approval process to our stakeholders, ensuring that you can be confident in our ability to assist you.

Commercial Real Estate Financing Opportunities

The SBA authorizes loans to small businesses based on the aspects of particular eligibility requirements within your industry. For instance, the loan proceeds can establish a new business or assist in acquiring, operation, or expanding an existing one. We focus on equipping long-term, permanent financing to small companies, such as:


  1. Owner-occupied properties, including single-purpose buildings, non-conforming properties, and gas stations, to name a few
  2. Existing business loans, with no balloons, up to 80 percent financing, and 48-hour pre-qualification
  3. Loans up to $5 million and 25-year terms and competitive, variable rate options
  4. Equipment financing for commercial printing and binding, diagnostic tools, and heavy equipment
  5. 7(a) guaranteed loan program

Eligibility Requirements for Specific Property and Business Types

We base eligibility on SBA established standards and guidelines. Typically, qualification requirements cover retail businesses with annual sales of less than $6 million, manufacturing businesses with fewer than 500 workers, and service industry firms with less than 100 employees. In general, qualified firms include those in retail, manufacturing, and services industries.

Nearly any type of a for-profit corporation is eligible for funding. However, the borrower must partly occupy the intended commercial real estate. Here are some examples of qualifying property types:


  1. Office Buildings
  2. Franchises
  3. Restaurants
  4. Warehouses
  5. Child Care Facilities
  6. Industrial Buildings
  7. Professional Buildings
  8. Automotive Repair
  9. Car Wash Facilities
  10. Gas Stations
  11. Manufacturing Shops
  12. Bed and Breakfasts
  13. Start-ups
  14. Hotels and Motels
  15. Single-Use Building

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