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Merchant Cash Advance Benefits Compared to a Business Loan

Global Commercial Business Finance offers working capital loans to small and medium-sized businesses in a merchant cash advance. This advance is commonly referred to as a credit card sales or merchant loan. In fact, it is the purchase and future sale of credit card transactions rather than an actual loan.

Program Features and Highlights

Merchant cash advance programs are ideal options for a fast and straightforward method of obtaining funds without collateral or a credit check requirement. These types of programs are especially advantageous for many reasons, a few of which include:


  1. Upfront cash provisions
  2. Convenient means of securing working capital
  3. Flexible payments options based on the percentage of credit card transactions

Make the Right Choice

At Global Commercial Business Finance, the funding we provide employs a smooth and stress-free method. The technique allows us to extend higher rates of approval and uncomplicated renewal conditions than other lending institutions. Our straightforward application process requires minimal paperwork, and our adjustable terms facilitate your business to obtain the cash you need promptly and efficiently.

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Contact us at Global Commercial Business Finance, LLC, today for more details about our merchant cash advance program. We can custom-tailor the plan to your unique and individual needs. Alternately, you can request that one of our lending team specialists contact you directly to discuss the options available to get you funded quickly.