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Equip Yourself With Leasing Options From Global Commercial Business Finance

Most businesses have difficulty running without the use of proper equipment. However, equipment is expensive, and it’s not always feasible to buy the equipment outright when you are just starting up. With equipment financing from Global Commercial Business Finance, your business can get the equipment that it needs without using the working capital necessary to operate.

A Variety of Lease Options

We offer many different equipment leasing options to suit the needs of just about any business owner. If you don’t know what option is right for you, we can work with you to create a custom solution suitable for your business and equipment needs. Most of our leases offer a variety of payment structures and require little to no down payment. Some of our options include:


  1. Sale and Lease Back
  2. Startups
  3. Poor Credit
  4. Government and Municipal Options


Whether you wish to permanently lease or want to lease with the option to buy, we may be able to find the perfect solution for you.

Is Leasing Wise?

Why should you lease over purchasing the equipment outright? For one thing, purchasing equipment takes money, which means you would need to spend precious capital better used for operating your business. Leasing usually only requires low monthly payments that also come with tax and accounting advantages. With leasing, you may also be able to upgrade your equipment to more current models without having to purchase brand new machines with your own money. It also does not impact your bank credit lines, which preserves your power to borrow later.

Who Can Qualify?

Any business that needs equipment to operate may be able to qualify for our equipment leasing programs. Some businesses that might benefit include:


  1. Printing and Copying Services
  2. Carpet Cleaning Company
  3. Video Arcade Company
  4. Construction Company
  5. Police Departments
  6. Fire Departments
  7. Trucking Company
  8. Laundromats
  9. Schools
  10. Gyms

Let Us Help

To learn more about our equipment financing, contact Global Commercial Business Finance, LLC, today. We’ll be happy to look your business over and develop a solution just right for you.