Redefining How Funding Is Done

We say YES to funding when others say NO

While virtually all lenders say no to funding for startups and early-stage companies, our program has an 85% approval rate of all who apply.

Unsecured Business Credit

Why Work With Us?

Strategic Thinking, Planning, & Execution

We know it’s a challenge to find lenders who work with startups and early-stage companies. The big banks reject most business loan applications. And sometimes alternative lenders can be predatory, charging high-interest rates unfairly, even if approved.

Every great business idea deserves to be approved for funding. Almost everyone gets approved! Over 85%, in fact.

At Global Commercial Business Finance, working with our partners, we have developed a custom process that assures your company gets access to all of the funding you need — despite past rejections — so your business will not only succeed but thrive.


This is a customized and proprietary system that no other lender has to offer


85% of applicants who were denied elsewhere are approved!


We provide personalized one-on-one service and are with you thru the entire process

A Proprietary System To Help You Succeed

Global Commercial Business Finance works hand in hand with our partners and a proprietary system to help you get the funding you need.

Boss Survey Consultation

Account Executive gathers critical information about your business

Custom Strategic Plan

A personalized strategy designed to administer clearly defined goals

Rapid Results Xcellerator

Planning components conducted by senior strategist

Senior Business Strategist

An expert team of qualified financial strategists and consultants

Business Pro Solution

Flagship product designed to lead you to successful funding


Your Team Of Experts

Let our experts guide you to success.

We hear you! Finding the right funding is confusing, and getting approved is tough.
At Global Commercial Business Finance, we don’t just give you education or training, delivered in a DIY format. The flagship product, Business Pro, is administered by a qualified, expert team of credit consultants and financial strategists who work together with you, live, one-on-one to guide you step by step. So you don’t have to struggle through the confusing hurdles of finding quality funding for your business.