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Tap Into Your Capital Sources Through Accounts Receivable Financing

It sometimes seems like it’s challenging to get the financial assistance you need without taking on more debt. If you are a large business that regularly sends out invoices for services or goods to your customers, you may benefit from accounts receivable financing. Instead of waiting every 30, 60, or 90 days to receive payment from your clients, you can quickly get the money by merely selling unpaid invoices to Global Commercial Business Finance.

Why Is Financing Receivables, also known as Factoring, a Good Idea?

Your invoices are sitting in your finance department, just waiting to be paid. When you require working capital, taking on a new loan can be risky and take up precious time. Financing receivables, also known as factoring, works differently than a loan. Some of the benefits you are likely to notice include:


  1. Get cash in hand quickly
  2. Focus on your business over collecting on invoices
  3. No fixed payments
  4. No recourse, even on accounts that don’t pay

Putting Your Money to Good use

What can you do with the money that you get from factoring? It’s ultimately up to you. Use the money for whatever your business needs, from paying your business utility bills and your employees to purchasing new inventory for your business. Additionally, you can respond to seasonal business opportunities or take on a new large client with assurance.

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To find out more about factoring and how we can help you obtain more working capital, contact Global Commercial Business Finance, LLC today.